This time last year
It’s that time of the year at the fag end when we look back in a kind of wrapping up- smiling a little sardonically to oneself remembering all those resolutions made at the beginning of the year but failed to keep, a little crestfallen at a target not achieved – or perhaps made a surprising new beginning too, etc., etc. Sometimes it’s a bit repetitive, frankly, this whole exercise. No less in newspaper feature sections, or TV programmes about the YEAR THAT WAS.
Batting for a change
Language, as they say, is not only about the culture of a people expressed through words, oral or written, but also reflect contemporary thoughts and trends.
In the past month or so people had the bonanza of watching riveting sports events on the TV screen, the Copa America final with Messi at last wearing his first international crown, fast-paced Euro Cup 2021, and of course, the Wimbledon- what is English summer without the strawberry and ice cream ritual anyway? When all these were over, as it inevitably have to in the course of time, people started suffering from a kind of withdrawal symptom, I read somewhere. As if a great wedding- planned and looked forward to for weeks, was now over. The bridal couple have left for their honeymoon, the guests have departed, and it’s only the marquees, dried flowers and garlands left to remind of the joy and abandon that the celebration created for all.
Of late, strangely, figures from my school history books surface regularly into the mind– for whatever reason, or perhaps for an obvious one. Nero, for example. Of the apocryphal story that he fiddled while Rome burned. Some historians surmise the Roman emperor was mentally unstable and deliberately set fire to portions of Rome to ‘inspire’ him to play the instrument better.
I am Assamese. Moi Asomiya. And an Indian. It would seem a diffident assertion that I am a citizen of this country called Bharat. Then why?
With the landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on planet Mars recently, lots of things are surely going to change for space research and exploration in the near future. But why this race to reach the Red Planet by different nations? Will our astrologers warning of dire consequences of angering ‘mangal- graha’ have a different take now, wonders Ranjita Biswas
The Hamlet-like dilemma would seem trivial compared to the one of the Shakespearean hero, but it is relevant to me anyway. Simply said, is it wrong to catch a nap during the day? These days for the advancing years perhaps, while lying horizontal on the sofa after lunch and scouring the newspaper, my eyes want to go for a shut-eye. Slowly, the words become blurred and the most enticing thing in the world seems to be, what else, a snooze. After coming back to earth with a start, I immediately feel guilty. Waste of time, I rebuke myself, when I should have finished a chapter of the new book, I slept!