What to do after MSC. In Physics? Best Career Opportunities!!
What actually makes physics so interesting are its widely used applications, when you think about it Physics is applicable in nearly all areas of science and research such as space research, nuclear energy, electronics, development engineering etc.
B-School cutoffs- Top colleges accepting SNAP Scores
Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, or SNAP for short, is an entrance examination conducted by Symbiosis for admission into the Masters of Business Administration program (MBA). Various colleges of Symbiosis only accept SNAP scores for admission into their programs. If you are considering further studies in the field of management, then keep reading because we have an in-depth review of the best Symbiosis Institutes that offer the course, below.
It is a known fact that our country’s economy is dependent on Agriculture industry. The government is constantly working towards the development of rural areas, as majority of our population resides in these areas. Therefore it is the need of the hour to have a thorough knowledge of this area and its industries. Rural Management is one such field that gives us an insight about this part of our country. It is one of the most emerging fields in our country, where students are looking for an opportunity to pursue their careers in.
If we consider the aspect of success in our lives, it is important to choose a right path which will guide us to the same. Bachelor’s in Commerce(B.Com) is an excellent option for the students who do not want to enter the inevitable rat race of perfection but try to innovate, broaden their perspectives to aid the market in various ways.
Each student takes admission in a post-graduation course with a hope to get good knowledge and skills, and at the end a good placement offer. IFMR has been in the news, most certainly for good reasons, as three students of IFMR namely Charan KM, Harshita G, and Sudipta D bagged job offers of Rs 18 lakh from a European MNC setting up a new facility in India.
Everybody is well aware of the fact that without finance, no business venture or project can survive. Starting from government projects to start-ups, finance has its impact everywhere. If we consider the current scenario of the market, every organization or company is trying to extract the maximum amount of profit.