Tell Modi Govt what should be the focus areas, Cong asks people
IBNS | 09 Feb 2018
New Delhi, Feb 9 (IBNS): Amid the heated political environment, the Congress has asked the people to state the areas the Modi government should immediately focus on.

With an aim to putting  pressure on  the incumbent party, the Congress has posted the question on Twitter with multiple options.

The options include job creations, farm distress, price rise and law and order.

In the last few days, the BJP and the Congress were engaged in a verbal tussle inside the Parliament over the Rafale deal.

While Congress chief Rahul Gandhi asked the government to reveal the price at which the Rafale deal was signed, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman refused citing it as "classified information".

On Thursday, Arun Jaitley echoed Sitharaman's words saying Rahul should understand that the information is classified.

"I charge the Congress of seriously compromising India's security...Mr Modi has run a clean government for last four years, so let us manufacturer a crisis, let us manufacture an issue," Jaitley said.

He also advised Rahul to learn "lessons on national security" from former Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

Rahul on Tuesday told media the unwillingness to reveal the details of the deal implies that it is a scam.