Book review: Dr Uttara Singh finds slums are a transitional settlement in the fabric of urban society
Slums are an integral part of urban society. In her book, 'Way of Life in Slums of South West Delhi', this is precisely what Dr. Uttara Singh portrays.
Book review: The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty in India is a timely book by Murali S
'The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty in India', a dissertation by Murali S., explores a relevant issue of contemporary times, the influence of social media on various brands and their marketing strategies.
So strong was the emotion that it took him eight years to put the thoughts to words, says author Vijay Pratap Singh
Kolkata, July 9 (IBNS): That popular film critic Pradip Biswas was an accomplished poet too came as a surprise to him even though he has known Biswas for a good five decades, said Soumitra Chatterjee, the much awarded versatile Bengali actor, recently, in Kolkata.
Kolkata, July 9 (IBNS): Most of us have travelled by trains innumerable times but how many of us are aware of the behind-the-scene stories? Deepak Sapra's debut novel 'The Boy Who Loved Trains' will let you into this heretofore little known world.
'Jaljali: The Witch with God Power' is an adolescent's take on the eternal fight between good and evil. Written by teenage author Prithviraj Phalke, the novel delves into the complex choice of using one's superpowers for good or for bad deeds.