Author interview: Dr.Subramonian on his book with the world's longest title
Dr.Subramonian talks about his record breaking achievements and why he chose to write a biography of actor Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame
Author interview: Priyank Talesara on his book ‘The Return of the Lost Civilizations: The forgotten Agreement’
Priyank Talesara pens a fictional narrative to spread the message of message and fellow feeling in his book ‘The Return of the Lost Civilizations: The forgotten Agreement’.
Kolkata: Dr. Subromonian is on a world record breaking attempt once again, after his several world and national records.
Priyank Talesara’s 'The Return of the Lost Civilizations: The Forgotten Agreement' opens on a curious note, which will keep the readers in doubt for some time.
Kolkata: Pandit Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) was one of the legendary figures of the 19th century Bengal renaissance, revered as an academician, litterateur, social reformer, humanitarian and philanthropist who endeavoured to ensure the well-being of those oppressed in every possible way—particularly women, the impoverished and the illiterate.
The Hindi book of poems ‘Ashrupirit Nayan’ is an expression of the deepest emotions experienced by him, according to Jay Prakash Kushwaha