Mahul Brahma’s book ‘Dark Luxe’ explores the uncharted dark side of luxury
Kolkata, Nov 10 (IBNS): Luxury commentator and author Mahul Brahma launched his second book 'Dark Luxe', which explores the dark side of luxury, at an audience-packed Starmark bookstore in a city mall in Kolkata, recently.
Author Novoneel Chakraborty prefers writing a book over scripts for television programme
Kolkata, Nov 10 (IBNS): Writing a book is the best way to express one's thoughts said author Novoneel Chakraborty at a book signing session organised at the South City Mall in Kolkata, recently.
In June 2015, Kolkata, the former British raj capital that slipped into a slow but steady decay over the decades for reasons ranging from retrograde politics, Bengali inertia and a resultant flight of everything from industry to young educated professionals, was in news for a wrong reason.
Poetry is an intimate medium for expressing one’s personal thoughts and feelings. It is also considered as one of the best creative genres.
As the title 'Uncage the Mysterious Soul' suggests, the primary theme of the book is to unravel the secrets or the repressed thoughts of the mysterious soul.
Subash Dutta-Roy, Dr. Ing. in his well-researched book titled 'Hinduism' explores the various aspects of the word Hindu and highlights its origin and how it evolved in the modern age.