Book review: Enjoy the unfolding of uncondtional love between a father and son in 'Frnz Forever'
Anuragam Vatsa, in his book 'Frnz Forever', the latest under his 'Listern to Heart' series, has penned a story which explores the different facets and flavours of a father-son relationship.
Book review: Rediscover the charm of poetry in 'Stith - Bhavna Pravaha' by Milind Kapale
'Stith: Bhavna Pravaha', a collection of Hindi poems by Milind Kapale, has proved again that poetry, the earliest genre of literature, is a magical amalgamation of words, with the power to create a long-lasting impact on the readers’ mind.
As the name suggests, 'Principles of Geometric Technical Drawing: Engineering Design Graphics' is aimed at students and professionals interested in geometric and engineering drawing.
Childhood is that phase of life where we all wish to go back. Even if we cannot hold on to that phase forever, we can definitely cherish the sweet memories, the unforgettable moments.
Hara Narayan Dhar’s 'A Shower of Poems' is a remarkable book which will serve you with a pinch of humour and wit and a lot of happiness.
Kolkata: Driven by the fear of contracting Covid 19 virus by touching surfaces, social distancing and lockdown in place, audio books are a big solace not only to regular readers but many who are housebound.