Chasing Smugglers: A memoir by former Indian Revenue Service officer Manmohan Sethi
'Chasing Smugglers' written by Manmohan Sethi, an IRS officer, is a book detailing several cases that he handled during his career.
Jayesh Sinha is ready to tell you about the 'Greatest Sports Rivalries'
Power Publishers is set to release the book 'Greatest Sports Rivalries' by author Jayesh Sinha in November.
'Purple Blossoms', written by Ashford Lyonette, contains beautiful poems woven with threads of human emotions.
"A writer only begins a book, a reader finishes it" - Samuel Johnson
They say that poetry is the food for our souls and every literature addict out there can attest to this fact. The most aesthetic feature of poetry is that it can hold so many emotions, ideas and thoughts in such few words.
Author Foram Shah talks about her recent book "The Healers", published by Power Publishers.