Book review: 'Through a Prism', a collection of short stories
'Through a Prism' by Iona Banerjee is a collection of beautiful and inspiring short stories, which will make you feel light and bright from the very beginning.
Book review: Aliens Vs God, a well-crafted thriller
It is a sensitive world to live in indeed. But would readers today be intrigued by aliens and spirituality, one wonders. But Avijit Kher's book Aliens vs God from Power Publishers is indeed a must-read if you are looking for something mentally stimulating.
Sports rivalries may not always be confined to playing fields finds out Jayesh Sinha while researching for his book on the subject
Caroline Monteiro hopes to reconnect with her biological family members through her debut book that talks of her life's journey.
“Pariksha ke tanav evang iska samadhan” written by Dr. Dilip Kumar Das is a book mainly about stress during examinations and how to cope with it.
Klkata, Apr 12 (IBNS): Power Publishers and Motions Pictures recently shot a television commercial for Greenfield City, a township located in the southern suburbs of Kolkata.