The happiness of always being busy: Japanese writer Héctor García decodes IKIGAI
Kolkata: Ikigai is a mysterious Japanese word which loosely means "the happiness of always being busy" or finding and living one’s passion. Japanese author Héctor García, who became famous for his book IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, co-authored with Francesc Miralles, in a free-wheeling online chat decoded it for a chosen audience.
Book Review: A journey of personal discovery through the land of Uncle Sam
Tomes have been written about The United States of America – a country which instantly grabs the attention due to multiple reasons like academics, fashion, style, food, language – but here is a chance to have a fresh look at the land of Uncle Sam through author Bhagaban Chandra Patra's book, ‘My Discovery of America’.
He enjoyed pairing the poems with images clicked by him, says Milind Kapale about his recently published book ‘Sthit Bhavnapravah’.
Although a fantasy action thriller, ‘Punarbhava’ draws inspiration from the Sanatan Dharma of India, says the author.
The present scenario of the entire world is bleak, pessimistic, and dark. The worldwide pandemic due to the COVID-19 has threatened many facets of the society and has also shaken the lives of people.
The author conducted intensive research into the economic lives of people across India and also drew upon his own in-depth knowledge of the subject for his debut book 'Alternative Strategy for Unfettered Growth'.