City jeweller to mobilise funds for cardiac care of children from impoverished families
Kolkata, May 25 (IBNS): Kolkata-based Shaym Sundar Co. Jewellers have launched several social initiatives, which were introduced recently through a programme attended by Tollywood actors Soham Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar.
Guru Banani Chakraborty wants to ensure Bengal's classical dance is not lost
Kolkata, May 23 (IBNS): Gaudiya Nritya, the classical dance form of Bengal, survives through the guru-shishya parampara' (a tradition where the teacher passes on his or her knowledge to select students), said Guru BananiChakraborty at a recent recital held in Kolkata.
The marathon culture has really caught on in India with the growing need and awareness among youngters to stay fit. It has also become a potent tool for raising funds for charity. After attending a Marathon in Bengaluru, Debayani Bose gives a lowdown about the social impact of such runs both in terms of staying fit, creating awareness for a cause and raising funds for charity
Kolkata, Mar 23 (IBNS): Power Publishers, one of India’s popular self-publishing companies, has recently announced that it will offer services of short film making through Power Publishers & Motion Pictures.
Kolkata, May 21 (IBNS): pHREEDOM4EVER organised a painting exhibition by the inmates of correctional home on Friday at the ICCR, Kolkata.
Kolkata, May 19 (IBNS): To celebrate the beautiful bond between a mother and daughter, Simaaya organised “Mothers Drape Daughters”, a programme at which actress Bidipta Chakraborty and her daughter Meghla were present.