Brides want to deviate from the traditional red palette: JADE by Monica and Karishma
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 08 Aug 2018
Brides want to deviate from the traditional red palette: JADE by Monica and Karishma

Monica Shah and Karishma Swali of label JADE showcased their collection at the  6th edition of the Vogue Wedding Show in New Delhi this month. IBNS-TWF correspondent Sonali Jha Chatterjee caught up with the dynamic duo of Indian fashion


Where did the inspiration for your Collection at the Vogue Wedding Show2018 come from?


Our latest collection showcased at the Vogue Wedding Show, Shreedha takes its inspiration from Radha, who is the personification of the pure love between humanity and God. For us, at JADE, Radha represents a holistic form of femininity. Radha resides in every woman. The collection embodies all her facets through a colour palette that’s royal, youthful and earthy. Through this collection, we celebrate love, unadulterated exuberance, and experiencing a joy so profound the only way to express it is through song and dance. We believe there’s a Radha in every woman. And so, every ensemble in this collection is an ode to each and every woman. There’s something for every mood, every facet of a complex feminine persona and every kind of bride.


What trends do you see in this season’s wedding couture collection?


This wedding season, the mood is definitely contemporary fusion. The colour palette this season is rich, varied and enigmatic – featuring deep hues of blue and green, strong reds and dainty pastels. The bride doesn’t have to try hard to make a statement when her ensemble can do all the talking. We’re also seeing a lot of experimentation with the blouses. Fusing traditional techniques with a contemporary appeal is the flavour of the hour and brides are making the most of it with the blouses. They’re moving away from the old-fashioned style of tops and are now looking for wrap tops, ruffled blouses, organza crop tops to pair with their lehengas.


What does a bride of today want from a designer?


The brides today want a touch of modern to their traditional ensembles. They’re looking for outfits that are versatile and can be easily used later in many ways. They also want some personalized detail on their bridal ensembles – something that sets an outfit apart and makes it truly special. They definitely don’t want something that inhibits them. They want bridal outfits that reflect their own individuality, as opposed to dated designs. They also prefer breathable fabrics, something that’s practical and can be easily used later in life.


Any particular colours favoured by you this year? Are you trying a totally new range of colours?


Considering the rise in contemporary fusion, we would say pastels are having their well- deserved moment in the sun right now. Brides are keen to deviate from the traditional red palette. So, emerald green, midnight blue, deep marsala, champagne gold, platinum, dark greys, blush pink and refreshing mint are carving out a distinct space for themselves in bridal couture. This is an interesting and welcome shift, because colours can work wonders in creating a unique theme for the wedding as well as expressing the bride’s unique personality. Moreover, the understated elegance of these colours can be incorporated into everyday wear with effortless ease – something that the new-age bride wants from her trousseau.


(The 6th edition of the Vogue Wedding Show was held at the Taj Palace, New Delhi, from the 3rd till the 5th of August, 2018. This annual affair features the craftsmanship of some of the most sought after couturiers of the country.)