Priya Entertainment MD Arijit Dutta wants the younger generation to get more involved with tree plantations
Trans World Features | @twfindia | 16 Jul 2018
Priya Entertainment MD Arijit Dutta wants the younger generation to get more involved with tree plantations
Arijit Dutta, Managing Director, Priya Entertainment Pvt Ltd, in a free-wheeling conversation with Subhojit Roy talks about his childhood, family and career.

How was your childhood?
Mountains, fog, mist and sunshine comprise my childhood as I grew in the hills of Darjeeling being a boarder at St. Paul's Darjeeling. As a boarder, I was extremely active, a sportsperson right from my childhood. During my summer breaks and winter breaks, I used to be pampered silly, and enjoyed a lot with sister, cousins and friends and relatives. I used to always hog extra attention  being a son who stayed away from the family for a majority period of the year. It was a fabulous feeling though after a while the mountains used to literally call me back as I was like nature's child.
Tell us about your early school days?
My first school was St Xavier's School. Then I moved to St Paul's Darjeeling and then Jadavpur University. Finally a management degree at IISBWM 
What were your dreams?
My dream was always to do something and finally settle down in the mountains in the Himalayas. Although I was never a film buff nor was I attracted to the entertainment business thanks to my love for nature and also my educational background. But it was the pull and pressure of taking on the mantle of a family business in film or entertainment business. But my final call has always been setting up an eco-adventure venture in the Himalayas. Today am so proud that as the first non Sikkimese Indian I am into Eco Adventure tourism by getting into a PPP model at the Budda Bungalow at the Temi Tea Gardens as Temi Tea Eco Adventure Resorts. 
How has been your family support?
My mother has been my guide and a true guru. Whatever I have achieved today is thanks to her patient guidance. She is my strength. Now my Esha [wife] has also reduced my work pressure with her active interest in the hospitality and tourism business expansion plans with her hands-on leadership. I am also delighted that my son Agnivesh post his completion of studies in England as a third generation entrepreneur in our family has come forward to learn the ropes at PEPL and is poised to take a major step with his complete involvement in the forthcoming Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne 2.0, with production scheduled to start in Sept/Oct 2018.
What have been your achievements?
My biggest achievement has been turning around a debt ridden, in shambles Priya as an entity to Priya Entertainments Pvt Ltd, corporatise the work culture with the support and guidance of my mother, tying up with Columbia Tristar, Sony, putting in place Dolby Atmos sound system within a old single screen like Priya. Setting up the first Eastern India's own multi screen brand Bioscope, taking up the PPP model with West Bengal state government and Tripura government to revive old dilapidated halls, taking charge of renovating and operating a heritage hall like Star Theatre and making them successes. Setting up the Eco Adventure Resort at Khairabera in Purulia and finally the pride of our expansion at Temi Tea Gardens  Eco Adventure Resort .
Any advice about post success?
I believe in setting an example of Bengalis engaging in successful enterprises and business activities with diversity and social consciousness and responsibility towards others. I strongly believe we can do it. But stay humble and stay rooted
Tell us about your struggles.
It has been a Herculean struggle and there were times when we did not how to make two ends meet. But it was my mother who was courageous and pulled out the entire family and business from a difficult situation. I too have overcome several difficult situations. One of the biggest challenge I faced was survival and success of a single screen, making a success of our own brand Bioscope in face of stiff challenges. But hard work, patience, certain wise decisions and God's grace and people's love and affection helped me and us through tough situations.
Your Inspiration?
My inspiration is my Mother
Message for the generation next?
We must stop cutting down forests and trees. We as individuals need to protect the environment and biodiversity. There has been massive deforestation by human habitations across the globe. This will bring to an end the world one day. We have to be the ambassadors for the nature and save ourselves. 
Any memorable moments?
My entire life is an enjoyable celluloid; growing up in the hills and forests and then work in Kolkata all remain very dear memories. The second part of taking over Priya facing and succeeding the challenges ...right now overcoming the final hurdle of setting up a completely new area of business in Eco adventure tourism and hospitality ..the challenge is making it memorable.
About Arijit Dutta:  Heads Priya cinema and Piyali films which has under its belt three National gold medals for best films under the directorial banner of none other than Satyajit Ray. Dutta started the first multiplex brand Bioscope across Bengal, he initiated the first ever PPP model of taking over sick movie theatres including the heritage property, Star Theatre.  He has set up Eco adventure Resorts in Purulia and following that another one at Temi Tea Gardens, Sikkim, becoming the first non Sikkimese to tie up with the Sikkim state government. Dutta also acts in regional as well as Hindi movies, including the recently released Anoushka Sharma produced Pari.