From College Girl to Cover Girl
Trans World Features | @@twfindia | 13 Jul 2018
From College Girl to Cover Girl
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Meet Poulami – an aspiring model with an attitude to learn. From a simple college girl, she has worked hard to achieve the looks of a glamour queen in a process of 3 months of grooming. This is the minimum amount of time required to learn the basics of modelling, such as postures, understanding camera angles, expressions, boosting confidence etc. is a unique platform for such aspirants, as well as existing models, with an endeavour to educate girls about the modelling industry, groom and train them for becoming professional models and also to provide an opportunity to explore the possibilities that this highly glamorous industry provides. is a one-stop solution for everything related to modelling.

Let us take you through the grooming sessions that Poulami went through in order to discover the glamour girl in herself.

Importance of features

Poulami had some great features to begin with. Our professional groomers evaluated what her positives were and deduced a list of areas that needed working. Needless to say, being a girl who had never faced a professional camera in her life, to being the glamour girl that she is today, required some very serious work, and it was her effort and attitude to learn that took her through the process. The grace and poise that make a model are characteristics that don’t come overnight, which is why the right grooming is required from the beginning. Throughout the process the focus is on utilizing the existing positive features and work on the ones that need to be corrected so that the end result is nothing short of perfection.

Learning Catwalk and postures team devotes several weeks of grooming sessions to get a model’s catwalk correct. Being new to modelling, Poulami dedicated several weeks of grooming sessions to work on perfecting the walk. Learning catwalk is not only essential for ramp models, it is necessary for all. The right attitude for giving perfect poses and getting your postures correct have a lot to do with how you align your entire body during every movement, especially during walking and standing. The correct movement of the hips start from the backbone itself, even the shoulders and back are synchronized right down to your heels to get the walk correct. Needless to mention, it isn’t as easy as it looks on the television. Our professional groomers are very thorough to get this to perfection and once this is achieved, they can quickly move on to the postures which are an extension of the walk.

Building Confidence

From the very first day, team starts to work on boosting a candidate’s confidence. Poulami, being new to the world of modelling, needed the right information and guidance. What is more important is for her to believe in the same as well as in herself to keep working better and achieve greater results. Poulami was devoted to bring out the very best in her and from day one she immersed herself in the process completely. Having a powerhouse of inspiration in her mother, she had good guidance both from the experts of and also from home. Within only 3 weeks of grooming sessions she transformed to be unrecognizable! Once the first two steps have been achieved, it is time to face the camera.

The right makeup

Too much makeup is not required to do the first photoshoot. Making the best of what is naturally available, first photoshoot is about getting the right amount of makeup that will add to the glamour factor without making it look unnatural. Since Poulami already takes good care of her skin, only a light makeup is all it took to complete the look to get her ready to face the camera for the first time.

Photo Shoot and Fresh face

The first photo shoot should primarily be about capturing the ‘fresh face’ which in the modelling world means mainly clicking head shots with minimal makeup that will primarily focus on capturing the various expressions of the model. uses a team of professionals working to get the shoot right. This primary shoot also forms the base of portfolio. Once a model is comfortable shooting in this indoor photoshoot, she is ready for a professional photoshoot for a complete portfolio.