How a village in Maharashtra is helping vultures make a big comeback
In the 1980s, India was home to around 40 million vultures. By 2017, it declined to 19,000. However, Chirgaon, a village in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, has been working on reviving its local vulture population. The village's vulture population has gone up from 22 in 1999-2000 to 249 this year. Mongabay-India writer Sneha Mahale reports
 For Vidya Balan-starrer Sherni the makers used academic rigour to study the topic of conservation
Recently-released Sherni featuring Vidya Balan as an IFS (Indian Forest Service officer) has been lauded for its realistic and empathetic portrayal of the forest and its surrounding communities as well as for bringing the topic of wildlife and conflict into a mainstream film. Mongabay-India writer Srikant Chaudhary spoke to Sherni’s director Amit Masurkar and writer Aastha Tiku on the choice of the subject, the characters and the film’s attempt at portraying reality
Climate researcher Madhumita Sahoo works to identify solutions and approaches to manage groundwater resources to the advantage of people everywhere. SPAN writer Michael Gallant reports
Reducing food wastage can help conserve resources and the environment, says Debasmita Patra, food waste researcher teaching in an American university. SPAN writer Candice Yacono reports
The Malayan giant squirrel is predominantly arboreal and lives in the tropical and subtropical montane evergreen and dry deciduous forests of Sikkim, north Bengal and northeast India. Logging, habitat loss and forest fragmentation are common threats to the species while dearth in scientific research means that targeted conservation action for the Malayan giant squirrel is also lacking, Mongabay-India correspondent Aathira Perinchery reports.
Scientists have recorded a drastic loss in forest birds due to land-use changes in the western Himalayas. TV Padma of Mongabay India reports