Environment Headlines
 Life in the cities
Rapid urbanisation the world over has put severe pressure on the infrastructure of many cities and towns. India is among the countries with the fastest growth in this sector and, unless plans with a long view are mooted, the situation could only worsen. Ranjita Biswas reports
The Harvest Shall Come
Farmers from USA to India adapt to the global challenge of climate change. Renee Hickman from Missouri and Tanushree Sen from West Bengal report
Sundarbans, the land where three great rivers merge, is the third most vulnerable delta in the world today. Sea level rise due to climate change, devastating cyclones, etc. are affecting this densely populated area. Realising the urgency, international agencies are working on issues like adaptability to cope with the new reality. Ranjita Biswas reports
Mumbai, Apr 2 (IBNS) Despite being thousands of kilometres apart, a team of international scientists are collecting samples from the bottom of the Arabian Sea to find out how the growth of the Himalayan mountain range has affected the Asian Monsoon over the last 50 million years.
Life without water is unimaginable. But its availability, taken for granted, is in a crisis. The looming shortage has the potential to create conflicts among regions and communities in the near future. The recent UN International Conference on Water and Sustainability in Zaragoza, Spain, was a wake-up call to the problem. Ranjita Biswas reports
Located near Satara, Maharashtra, the Kas plateau is a unique landscape and home to many endemic flora and fauna, some of which are endangered. However, uncontrolled tourism is slowly squeezing the life out of this plateau, finds Uttara Gangopadhyay