From glamour to boldness, all we see through Dabboo Ratnani's eyes in 2018
Trans World Features | 27 Jan 2018
From glamour to boldness, all we see through Dabboo Ratnani's eyes in 2018
Fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani has once hit the headlines early in 2018 with the magic of his clicks. Trying to live up to the expectations, his crafted pictures can grab eyeballs as they contain not only glamour and beauty but boldness occasionally. IBNS correspondent Souvik Ghosh highlights some of the magnetic snaps of 2018.

Hrithik Roshan 
We all know that Hrithik has gained popularity not just for his dancing and acting skills but also for hotness on and off the screen and Dabboo has hit the right button in his photography to portray the actor. The 44-year old Bollywood sensation with a short hair cut, flaunting the tattoo on his right wrist with a display of slight french-cut beard can easily turn the heat on.
Amitabh Bachchan
'Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap' released in 2011 but Amitabh Bachchan has already proved that age is just a number for him. He may have turned 75 last year but the recent photo shoot by Dabboo only adds more glamour to his skin. In a violet suit, pant, colourful sunglass and climbing on a bicycle, Big B could easily compete successfully with any hero of the industry of any generation.
Parineeti Chopra
To bring the sexiness in Dabboo's photoshoot, Parineeti left no opportunity go unnoticed. To bring a "sultry sexy look", Parineeti was seen to try a fur coat giving a glimpse of her legs. 
Tiger Shroff
Apart from being popular with his dancing moves, Tiger also proves to be a pure athletic guy. In Dabboo's photo shoot, the young actor was seen showcasing his fitness apart from a bare body. He was seen in just a white trouser in the photo, complimented by a pair of shoes.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Glamour, elegance, royalty- words would surely fall short of to describe Aishwarya in Dabboo's 2018 Calendar Year. The Bollywood diva, revealing not much of her figure or attire, needed only her face to create a lasting impression on the onlookers. Aishwarya was seen to sprinkle some golden (ribbons possibly) in the picture as Dabboo had captured a mesmerising charm of her eyes. The former Miss World is definitely a big bid of Dabboo in the calendar.
Kriti Sanon
Topless. Dabboo's boldest move perhaps resides in a picture where a woman actor flaunts her body. In successive years, Dabboo played the trick with sometimes Alia Bhatt or Shraddha Kapoor. In the photo shoot, the actor was seen wearing nothing except a torn jeans. Only a hat, which could barely cover her body, was there to hide the modesty of the actor. With Kriti hiding her bustline with a hat, Dabboo has left a lot to the viewers' imagination.
Varun Dhawan
This Bollywood youth sensation can easily take on any actor in the fray just on the basis of his hotness. Varun bares it all for Dabboo's photo shoot. The young actor flaunted his full muscular body in the picture where he was seen pushing a tire while giving a look that could make any girl fall for him. The background of the picture with full of colourful bricks adds to the vividness of the picture.
Priyanka Chopra
Her elegance, smartness, accent, boldness have caught the limelight in the West after years of success in Bollywood. Quantico girl Priyanka Chopra took no chances to hide her strength, that is boldness. In the photo shoot, the 35-year old actor was seen to expose her legs, which led to a controversy during her meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi abroad. The Desi girl went all black in the shoot to impose a darker image of her altogether. 
Shraddha Kapoor 
After flaunting her bare back in one of the previous Calendar Years, Shraddha continues to maintain her bold avatar in the 2018 edition as well. The actor was seen to fold her bare legs to cover her modesty in the picture, coupled by hairs falling on the shoulders and a stern look to compliment altogether.
Manushi Chhillar
The most surprising element in 2018 edition of Dabboo's Calendar Year was Miss World Manushi Chhillar. Manushi, who won the beauty pageant in 2017, was looking gorgeous in her bold outfit. In the photo shoot, Manushi was seen wearing an attire in shades of black with the neckline that went down close to her navel, giving a glimpse of her bosom.
Images: Twitter, Instagram.